Still Awake

by Anilore

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Richard RR
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Richard RR Sprawling cinematic shoegaze that ranges all the way from dream pop into doom ("The Heavy Song"). Fine album! "Imagine You" is simply epic. Favorite track: Imagine You.
Jim Payne
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Jim Payne It made my day to discover that this masterpiece of an album has been remastered and re-released. When it comes to introspective melodic beauty, this band does it just right. "Imagine You" is particularly poignant and beautiful; it resonates with melancholy, but in the most beautiful way. Favorite track: Imagine You.
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Recorded in 1996 by Jacques Cohen at The Space Recording Studio Poughkeepsie, NY. 500 copies were pressed and released in 1997 through Dysmal/Abysmal. The album was remastered and released on CDR in 2006.


released January 1, 2006

All songs by Malenda/Cheng/Worsa except "Soiled Son" by Andy Cheng and "Showers of Happiness" written & recorded by Michael Worsa.



all rights reserved


Anilore New York, New York

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Track Name: More
Hide the girl’s face to need more / hear the girl say “you need more”
Who could try to bear a breaking life / who could try to tame a heartache

How could a heart ache so / lonely always sinks in deep
How could a heart never let go

Not enough of reason / not enough of time
Not enough of purity / to tame a heartache
Track Name: World Ends
All seems quiet now / the world ends up my spine
imagine slowing down / and stop this hurting mind...
WONDER WHAT IT TAKES / to hold dreadful body clean
bear my happy days / walk down dying streams...
No...don't say that I'm wrong / it's better to go...

All seems quiet now / all seems fading sign
watching everything drown / nothing's on my mind
DESIRE JUST ONE CLEAN BREAK / desire I could never mean
it's my sinking wave / it's my dying stream...
No...don't say that I'm wrong / it's better to go
it's time to go...
Track Name: Soiled Son
Stripping here last night / asking even more
Shutting yourself to keep on your toes / now you’re not too sure
Does this sound any different / does this sound any nearer
Could this be your last intention / could this ever be sure

Stone me for what I hold / I don’t mind being cold
Tell me your words in poison / I want to know

Many times kind words haunt me as your brilliance glows
Many times you struck me as my thick blood flows
So much soil I’ve tasted and I’m ready to fall
Do you mean your every whisper / I’m not so sure

I’ll give you what I hold / I don’t mind being cold
Tell me your words aren’t poison / I want to know

Could this be my last night / I can see no more
Track Name: The Heavy Song
Hate to see all those supposed needs possessed by you / not me
I want to belong as well as you

Hate to greet all those wholesome deeds offered by you / not me
I want to belong as well as you
Track Name: Movement
how many times could this foul fate begin / how many ways could this sickness sink in
no more ache / no more mistake / no more shame / no more disgrace
at the end of my fear I see you begin

how many times could I break / how many ways could I fade
no more pain / it’s killing me
at the end of my fear I see you begin

what could be so wrong
Track Name: Octavia
Name me when you like / I’ll burn by your side
Plead for one more day / you’re too bright to hide

Dreams still come too late / I’ll burn by your side
Track Name: Black Halo
See there’s nothing left in doubt / so why your howling and carelessly fade out
I don’t see you more than used to / tempted to color your eyes / til I swallow your sight
Tame me how you used to / tame me before I do

These eyes that see always deceive me
Track Name: Absence
Wait / try / crave / cry / I’ll dream in you
Stay / shy / haze / hide / I’ll dream in you