Dead Love's Grave

by Anilore

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Michael Reilly
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Michael Reilly Anilore's heavily distorted sound produces reverb and fuzziness on an epic scale. Songs (especially the vocals) are absolutely drowned in a deep haziness that creates a very dreamy and highly textured mix of magical noise and emotion. Favorite track: Tangier.
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18 years after their first album, Anilore returns with “Dead Love’s Grave.” Producing the album themselves, the band worked patiently over four years, using whatever methods were available to capture a sound and a feeling they had long sought to convey. Recording took place on computer and 4 track, in practice spaces and sheds, in bedrooms and studios, through windstorms and rain, in summer and in snow. The result is an album that evokes the haunting sounds of a distant past. Longing, desolate, disquieted, reconciled.

Orchestral layers of guitar drift through lonely, vacant places. Cascading vocals whisper like blurry, hazy choirs. Distant voices, a faint memory before sleep, washed away in beautiful reverberation. From the autumnal loneliness of “Gigondas”, the maudlin glory of “Nine”, and the crumbling anguish of “Blank Portrait”, to the isolated madness of “Afterwake” and the furtive devotion of “Leslie Street”, each song is its own short story. But taken together, these songs stir an emotion, somehow ineffable; elusive, yet always present. Falling asleep alone. Looking out the window on a rainy day. An endless sigh.


released July 17, 2014

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Anilore

Cover image: "STARROSPHERE #2" by Anastasia Ugorskaya.

Special thanks: Yves Etheart, Fontaine Toups, Jon Simpson, Corevino Goregovino, Victor Masnyj, Victor Rice

RIP Jacques Cohen



all rights reserved


Anilore New York, New York

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Track Name: Sparks Were Real
(like all seasons turn / none stays the same)

the timing and sparks / contorted by hand
the missing and pining / laid out for other seekers
subjection ahead / a taming of flight
that trembling reaction / keep luring us to be here

i have so much to say / things i never told / still won’t say a word / so nobody hurts
latent murmur to grow / grounds to traverse / stay here by your side / so nobody hurts

(somewhere we belong / somewhere in a song)

bewildered in tune / betrothal by june
in like of a ransom / each won another dowry
temptation is here / call all disarray
now vacant expression / once filled with joy and fear

i have so much to say / things i never told / still won’t say a word / so nobody hurts
i have so much to do / places haven’t gone / stay here by your side / so nobody hurts
outside open window / out by toil and grime / there is my resolve / there is my mind
Track Name: Nine
days of deeds undone turned to years of no regret
face turned paper thin / grater worn
dance on dead love’s grave / gave us glimpse of something real
do what we could just to be

i want nine

wish for babylon left us sunken fathoms deep
thirst for tigris spring never ends
gallons liquor drunk / happy as a fool can be
yield what we should just to say

i want nine
Track Name: Gigondas
come inside and intervene
my belligerent serenity
this tour has brought my memory
back here / my tangerine calamity

a walk i’ll take
despite the cold and gray day
come inside and intervene
evening now / and air could macerate

(on this walk / path is soiled and dark / hope is slim and sparse / gloom is on the upstart)

quiet now / sing your heart out
evening now / sing your heart out

we weren’t meant for this / rhone river wild
i can’t reach you through this / rhone river wild
Track Name: Red Nepenthe
(slowly / slow she goes)

not to hear myself think / not to rush the time
she’s fading into background / but not yet out of mind
it can’t come true anyway / it’s best to let me forget

been hours since i sat here / oblivion in sight
just me and empty bottle / (and) her hazy shape of smile
curse my indecision / parts of her still shine

i cannot dream on
she could not be here
this time i must
let go my arms
hold is loose
will is torn
off she goes
slowly leaving me

(will is torn / tangled in her hair)
Track Name: Blank Portrait
way out the dark / don’t hold sway or change
open that door / flames come crashing in

bleed out one heart / to gain a dead star / can’t find my way back to you
let go that door / shine in the dark room again

(here succumbs yet another go
all forlorn / all candor explode)
distancing mark / separation wins
placate no more / Ares sets in

fan out the sparks / to grow a new heart / wait til the cold gets to you
claim this new realm / blacken the brightness again

and who wants this still
lessening / hurt is stay
Track Name: Afterwake
a warm disarray / it’s hard to let it go
i’m not gonna learn / falling every way

air is thinning
sky is bloated
ground is not yet firm

a warm disarray / it’s tangled in her hair

a want is banished
a touch is deadened
a passion not yet sold

yet she brightens still
Track Name: Enisler
you mystify me

(change fell on her / without a coo)

{someone will weep}
Track Name: Tangier
be it far or near / your scent is duly noted
a scrape by your side / i choke by your side
be it far or near / your color will be brighter
a blink of your eye / i draw endless sigh

is it hard / or is it crazy beyond harm
can’t you tell / a want that chews your heart
be it late / be it hard / be it safe for both of us

is it hard / or is it crazy beyond harm
can’t you tell / a want that stares you down
be it near / be it far / be it safe for both of us

be it far or near / the color always brighter is in your eyes
be it far or near / the scent that’s duly noted is by your side
Track Name: Inamorata
in memory / this side is clear
arm in arm falls to weigh and tare
like end of june / songs everywhere
quasi seem all out latent flair

call of fall
splendor deterred beneath
wonder who to deceive
realize there’s no one near
ground up / phase ablaze
know how fire begs to stay
faithfully in me
i never told

should’ve never wanted her more than anything
Track Name: Absentee
wait / try / crave / cry / all shapes of you
Track Name: Leslie Street
only vivid window / only one i care
up to which my extent shied / stake on you began
silhouette my fulcrum / aureole my might
clandestinely watch you / you know that i can

honed down to T / no mistake / no whims won
light’s on now

only wonted street / only strip i prowl
beggars couldn’t bend my way / couldn’t drag me down
confetti of leaves / bed me where i stand
solely made to watch you here / you know that i am

honed down to T / no mistake / no way lost
no whims won
down to a T / no default / no time down
light’s on now

contents of your room / what sustain my plight
iridescent flicker outward / duly satisfies
bending your reception / baiting you to care
when you call me over / already be here

eloise / consecration is done / lights are on

(thought to die young
only to find nothing’s wrong
thought of your fears keeps me strong
summer of tears / winter songs
duly i stay behind you and catch all you drop)